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About Linda L Blake

Linda Blake is truly a painter interrupted. Linda never believed she could paint.  She felt humiliated and crushed after her 7th grade teacher told her “art” wasn't her thing.  As happenstance would have it, decades later a dear friend twisted her arm to join her at a painting class, and Linda reluctantly agreed. Her passion was unleashed and is now translated into painting beautiful landscapes from the desert southwest as well as many other themes from her worldly travels and deliciously creative minds eye.


Linda Blake is a self-taught artist. Her technique stems from her voracious love of Monet. And she chooses to live in remote locations to fuel her creative works.


Born to a career Navy family in San Antonio, TX, her father’s job took their family to locations all over North America and beyond. Linda and her husband have been enjoying the “Bootheel” area of New Mexico since 2013, where they live an enriching life.  Together they enjoy natures unfolding drama and ever changing vistas of the San Simon valley.


Linda’s latest accomplishment was being selected to join the Chiricahua Gallery in 2015. Undoubtedly there is more to come.


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